What is ADDBLUE?

Parveen’s ADDBLUE, ISO 22241 certified, is a diesel exhaust fluid used in vehicles with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), which is extremely sensitive to impurities, a technology to reduce harmful gases. Also, used to reduce NOx levels in the emissions, its non explosive, non flammable, non-toxic to the environment, and safe to handle.


  • Always pour ADDBLUE into the ADDBLUE tank. Only use ADDBLUE equipment when storing or refilling ADDBLUE
  • Keep your ADDBLUE equipment clean & free from dust/dirt & container seals to remain intact
  • Use dematerialized water (or ADDBLUE) when cleaning internally or priming ADDBLUE equipment
  • Wear protective clothing if you are handling large quantities of ADDBLUE
  • If spilt, in a vehicle or on a painted surface, rinse thoroughly with water
  • Protect from extreme temperatures. ADDBLUE freezes at an ambient temperature of 12˚F or -11˚C
  • Gently warm the container to melt the ADDBLUE if it freezes in its storage container. ADDBLUE can be used again, once thawed, as it returns to its original state
  • Store below an ambient temperature of 30˚C as ADDBLUE can start to decompose
  • Chill your ADDBLUE container if it becomes over heated by spraying the sealed container with water


  • Do not fill ADDBLUE into the diesel tank & vice versa
  • Do not mix ADDBLUE with other liquids – it is not an additive
  • Do not operate your vehicle without ADDBLUE. It is illegal to do so, and will result in extra downtime
  • Do not use other substances other then ADDBLUE e.g Urea Solutions. Damage may occur in the SCR system
  • Do not over-ride the system as this may affect your warranty, it is illegal and may also put your vehicle into a “limp home type” mode
  • Do not use dirty equipment, such as funnels, jugs or oil containers for refilling ADDBLUE
  • Do not store ADDBLUE in direct sunlight

Is ADDBLUE Hazardous?

  • No, ADDBLUE is not a hazardous substance. It has no known significant effects or critical hazards.
  • Do not inhale ADDBLUE vapours, due to the risk of an allergic reaction.
  • ADDBLUE is corrosive & can dissolve materials that are not listed as ADDBLUE proof in ISO 22241.