EMR & ABS Installation Service

Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) prevents the wheel from locking during emergency braking situations and thereby helps commercial vehicle drivers to maintain stability of the vehicle. ABS also helps to bring a vehicle to a complete stop with the shortest possible stopping distance and in the safest possible way.

Features :

  • Controls wheel slip to ensure vehicle stability and steer ability during braking
  • Wheel speed sensors automatically detect when a wheel is going to lock
  • Intervenes automatically and adjusts the brake pressure accordingly

Benefits :

  • Optimizes control of the vehicle during braking intervention
  • Prevents wheels from locking up when road friction is not sufficient to transmit braking forces
  • Helps to avoid jack-knifing during braking manoeuvres
  • Helps to enhance braking effectiveness
  • Helps to extend tire life
  • Accident avoidance leads to reduced vehicle downtime, reduced vehicle repair cost, reduced cargo damage / loss
  • Less accident management efforts enables fleets to focus on core business